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Thread: 1967 908B pickup in Omaha, NE

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    Default 1967 908B pickup in Omaha, NE

    I have a 1967 908B pickup for sale. *Disclaimer: this motor on this truck needs replaced/rebuilt. Otherwise, the truck is in pretty good condition for its age. Most of its life was spent as a state forest vehicle in Washington State. It has at least 3 layers of forest green paint on it and at least the rear right bed corner has some Bondo in it. The paint on the hood and roof has started to peel away. There is rust at various location on the body and some of it has actually burned through but it also isn’t completely consumed with cancer either. All the structural pieces, to include floors are in pretty good shape. The underside of the cowl was pretty bad and I pieced it back together with sheet metal to make it functional.

    The frame has surface rust but is structural sound.

    I rebuilt the 3 speed T-90 transmission after I bought it. I used a kit with a sealed front bearing to control leaks. It doesn’t shed a drop anymore. While the transmission was out, I had the flywheel resurfaced and installed a new clutch. I might have 200 miles on the truck since the rebuild.

    You need big boy pants to drive it. No power steering. Drum brakes at all four corners. First gear in not synchronized. Basically a tractor that will go 60 mph.

    I replaced the rusted wagon wheels that were on the truck when I bought it with some late 70s era aluminum mag wheels. At the same time, I put new tires (nothing fancy) at the same time.

    I converted the truck to electronic ignition. I had a true dual exhaust put on it locally with glass packs. It has a great sound!

    It is not a show truck. I have put it in a couple of shows just for fun and people love to come talk about it. It would make a good weekend driver (that’s what I did with it). You could turn it into a fun rat rod if that was your thing. If you were a purist, there is enough there that you could probably restore it completely to original.

    Now for the real bad news... the motor is done. The oil gauge has always been intermittent and the last time I drove it, it dropped pressure and I didn’t catch it until it was too late. It is not seized. After towing it home, it ran enough for me to pull it into the garage. But, you will hear every valve open and close and feel every compression stroke. I don’t know if the motor is rebuildable. It is a 304 and I doubt that it is original to the truck.

    I have too many projects to save this one! I am asking $2500. The truck is located in Omaha, NE. More pics tomorrow! Message me if you are interested.

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