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Thread: 1974 auto w/t case into a 1971 questions

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    Default 1974 auto w/t case into a 1971 questions

    I am trying to convert a 71 4 speed into a auto using the parts of a 74 1110 travelall.. I had had several people tell me IH shifted the engine back 6 inches in 74. My question is will this fit? I am not concerned about driveshaft lengths, but more concerned about whether the mounting brackets will interchange as well as if the hole in the floor for the 4x4 shifter will line up if I use a 74 tranny and case and mount it into a 71 frame. I also have attached a picture of the 74 I am thinking of buying for parts, because all 4 tires are flat, I cant get under there to take a good picture. Does the t-case look correct?? Thanks
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