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Thread: 68 1100C motor swap.

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    Default 68 1100C motor swap.

    I just bought a 68 1100C 2wd with a 240 3 on the floor. I would like to put a V8 in it with some power and a 4 or 5 speed. What would be the easiest swap to do without changing a ton of stuff? Thanks

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    The 'C' trucks also had the 304 and 345 cu in V8 engine as factory options. The larger 392 cu in V8 became available in the 1969 'D' body trucks. There are a couple 4 speed trans and a couple 5 speed trans available with different gear ratios. Might consider changing the rear axle shafts to the later style from the 'D' trucks as they had a different 'heat treating' and slight machining change at the axle 'flange', to deal with the higher HP and torque from the larger 392 engine. Even with the stronger 'D' axles, the IH dealer suggested not exceeding a 33" diameter tire. I broke both rear axles at the 'flange' with a 304 engine and 30" tires in my 68 'C' 1100 4X4 Travelall. Now have the 'D' axles and 31.4" dia tires with the 4.09 drive gears.


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