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Thread: Wanted: 1956 - 1968 IH short box, fender side pickup

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    Default Wanted: 1956 - 1968 IH short box, fender side pickup

    I am interested in buying an IH original project grade 1956-1968 IH pickup. I prefer 3/4 ton 4wd models like the 1200d or s120 but will settle for 2wd as long as the body, frame and dash assembly is straight, solid and everything is stock. Fender or "step-side" is a must but I don't like 1/2 ton models with the rear driver side fender cut to mount a spare tire. Would much rather there be no engine than buy an IH truck with a chevy/ford conversion or similar unless it's diesel.
    Not looking for any former project trucks unless it's a proper four wheel drive with serviceable Dana or GM axles with at least a rebuildable IH power train and you can show the work done was by a competent fabricator.

    I realize this is very specific so if you got something close send your price, lots of pics and location of vehicle to pb tag two eight at gmail.
    I will only consider reasonable offers within the model years specified above.

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    Good morning

    I saw you post....

    Does a 64 IHC CREWCAB , manual trans. Long box do any thing for you ??

    Let me know.


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    Where and how much?
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