View Full Version : '61 IHC B-132 1 ton, SRW, stepside long bed - Orlando, FL - offer or trade!

09-21-2009, 08:03 AM
'61 titled '60 B-132, SRW, 8ft stepside bed.

Runs and drives great, dug it out of the shop this weekend and put about 20 miles on it. Fly in, drive it home!

custom built tubeless wheels and newish rubber.

Two parts trucks (60 and 68 1/2 tons), and a 6 ft parts bed also available.

Make an offer on any or all. More interested it getting it out of my shop and into some else's hands to enjoy than anything else. Wife says it must go before anything new can move in!

Open to interesting trades or $+trade, too. (VW, Miata, Mini, muscle cars, sports cars, track cars, porsche, bmw, enclosed 20+ft car trailer, tools, tire changer/balancer.....dunno, tell me what you've got?)

Trucks (all 3) are located in Orlando, FL. Spare bed is in south georgia....

Lots of pics available, just ask..... the new bb won't let me post any.

10-02-2009, 04:48 AM
you have a spare bed for a 68? what would you want for it?c_hildebran@live.com