View Full Version : 74 Loadstar Cab Swap

02-22-2011, 10:19 AM
I do not know much about IH trucks but I have one sitting in the field and I would like to make it operational again. It is a 74 Loadstar with a front tilt hood. The cab is very rusty and I want to replace it. I can find plenty of the butterfly type hood trucks near me, but I can't find one like mine with a tilt hood to use for parts. A user on this forum said it is too hard to do a cab swap. My question is: why is it too hard and will a butterfly type hood cab work on my tilt hood type cab? Any help is appreciated.

old loadstar
02-23-2011, 12:45 AM
Hello, the loadstar came with the tilt front and bat wing hood styles all the way thru end of production. That does not affect the cab, they are the same. The only thing that would affect cab change would be if one truck is a 6 cyl or maybe a diesel and the other is a V8. Some diesel's and in-line engine cabs have a different floor,{ cut out to cover rear of engine}, so if needed you should be able to use a cab from a 6cyl type on a V8, but the other way around would be a problem. That being said, most of them are V8 so you should be able to swap the cab with just the normal work. The differance in the front end is that, the front end. Also the cabs 1600-1890 are basicaly the same, may have a differant spot for a gauge, bucket seats instead of bench, etc. If you like shoot me an email and I can give more info and some pics if you need. Ghost