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Living Faith
09-14-2010, 11:05 PM
Hi, I'm new here. I have a '71 Loastar, 345, with a five speed trans. I recently had to replace the trans when I went to TN; found a used one at a junkyard. It got me back to Florida, but then stuck in either 3rd or 5th, and I had to get it towed home. I took the top of the trans off, had the worn fork built up with a weld and ground at a machine shop, and replaced the top. It felt like it was going to shift fine, but when I drove it, I couldn't find gears and it stuck in granny low. I took the top off again and put it back on, but still can't shift. Could this be a clutch problem, or is it the trans, or just that I don't know how to put the top back on right?

I know the clutch is slipping a little, as it was doing so when climbing those hills in TN. I found a half moon keeper under the truck which looks like the one that goes on the throw out bearing fork shaft through the bell housing.

One thing appears to me suspicious: when you have the trans top off, you can see the place where the shifter fits into, and the part on the right side seems to turn up on it's shaft and allow the shifter to go where it can't shift gears.

Allan E.
09-16-2010, 07:53 AM
Tough call, but it sounds like the transmission is the problem. I have no idea what you did to modify the top cover and shift forks, but getting a replacement shouldn't be that difficult. Boneyards across the USA are full of them.

Even a little bit of clutch is enough to shift the gears when the engine is not running. If you can get it to move, it's disengaged.

I believe the 5 speeds in those trucks were fullers. They shouldn't be all that hard to find.

Living Faith
09-18-2010, 09:11 AM
THanks Allan. This will be the second trans put in within a month.:mad:

10-18-2010, 11:15 AM
.... did the car do that before with the old torque converter? reason why i ask its because i remember the same problem happen to me but i dont remember which i change first i believe it was the torque converter but didnt work with a new one then changed transmission

Living Faith
09-14-2012, 07:23 PM
I found out why I couldn't shift. The shifting rail had an allen screw that had backed out and needed tightening. That's all it was.

About a year or so later, maybe two years now, I had to have the tranny rebuilt. Then my 345 started knocking. I use this truck all the time to move logs and limbs in my tree service. But since it has had cracks and welds on the frame, I bought another truck to replace it, rather than try to rebuild the 345. Now I'm running into huge costs to move the knuckle boom loader from the International to the Ford. Uggh. Decisions, decisions.

If I can find someone to move the loader to my new truck for a reasonable amount, I will sell the 345. Any buyers?

jeff campbell
09-15-2012, 02:08 AM
your gonna be sorry not having that boom on the IH, if you was in ohio i'd do it. done a lota that stuff here. jeff

11-30-2012, 08:43 AM
Did you make sure it was in neutral when you put the shifter top back on? If not, it'll cause trouble. If the roll pin or set screw comes loose on the shifter rods, it'll put the slots out of synch in neutral.