View Full Version : loadstar 1700 ,is my engine original one

05-04-2010, 02:03 PM
I just bought my 1978 1700 Loadstar dump truck and am wondering if the engine has been swapped out. In the posts and online search I see the engine size is 446 or 404. But mine under the exhaust says 446 402 c.i.
Did IH make a 402 ?
Also the speedometer cable is disconnected and the 5' hanging cable from the gauge has a 5/8" thread. While the cable coming out from the engine/trans has a 1 1/4" thread and a plug screwed over it and is supported by a bracket.
Leading me to think the engine has been changed. I guess I will have to get an adapter or new cable to hook up the speedometer.

My vin is D0522HHA28807. Other markings on the engine are 446927C1 R
firing order is 12734568 counterclockwise rotation
I attached 2 views of the engine

Thanks for any help