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01-19-2010, 06:29 AM
Hi, I know little about cars but have this great 1980 diesel scout I am trying to fix up. Drives pretty well, and I replaced the rusty floor and rocker panels. I'm told though the clutch is bad, as well it seems the transmission might be the problem, I'm not sure if it needs and adjustment or repair. But my question is, assuming the clutch kit needs to be replaced and that there is possible transmission problem too, would it cost less and be more certain to be fixed by replacing transmission with automatic one therefore bypassing? It seems the refurbished ones at superscoutspecialists.com are about $600, while the repairs and parts for the clutch alone will cost that, not counting if there is possible transmission problem the mechanic hinted at as a possibility.

By the way, the issue is the grinding gears and slipping.

So can the 1980 diesel scout be converted to automatic for less than repairs? And is that a good idea? will it drive different? still get good mileage? I understand they have low gear ratios, I'm looking for good mileage and speed mored than 4x4 power. last, if its a good idea, what's an ideal transmission replacement? thanks for any help!

01-19-2010, 08:48 AM
First off, you only need one post to get an answer. No need to "double up" with the exact same one in different sections.

OK. So how bad is the grinding in between gears? I would try draining the fluid and changing it with some good 50wt engine oil, and a magnetic drain plug before anything. Worked wonders on mine (no more noise when shifting, and a TON better as far as synchronizing). As far as the slipping, drop your tranny and swap out the clutch. That will alleviate a lot of the problems you're having with it. I'm guessing that your grinding in between gears is more from the clutch not completely disengaging the transmission than from bad gears inside the tranny.

I would stay away from changing out the transmissions from a stick to an auto. It will be an easy swap, yes, but your acceleration will go down to even worse than it already is, and your mileage will drop by around 4-5 mpg. Pretty certain you'll have to find a transmission that has a bell housing to match the diesels, too. Diesels and v-8's have different styles.

01-19-2010, 09:02 AM
thx for your reply. I did have the transmission fluid changed, unsure of the weight or the magnetic drain plug method. the grinding occurs when the clutch is pressed. I thought it was the throw out bearing and ordered one. mechanic replaced it and then closed everything back up before mentioning to me the clutch looked like it needed to be replaced. so I took it to a transmission place and they said sounded like the pressure plate or throw out bearing, and that the clutch should come out. It has 140,000 miles, guess thats long enough to wear out a clutch. Sounds like the only reliable and economical fix is to take clutch out and take somewhere to be refurbished?

01-22-2010, 01:54 AM
140K is a while on a clutch, especially if you don't know the history. 140K on a Scout 4 speed is almost nothing. They are truck transmissions meant for much harder use. I'd be surprised if the transmission is damaged. Noise when stepping on the clutch is usually the throwout bearing. It could be the pilot bearing or the front bearing in the trans but not likely. Be careful of cutting corners. They usually cost you more in the end. I'd have a few more people listen to it too.

01-24-2010, 01:05 PM
You do not know the history.

It is very possible the previous owner put the WRONG clutch in it.

The wrong clutch is a cross between squirrels fighting and tumbling nuts and bolts. It makes a horrid sound (kinda like mine).

As for changing thethrowout bearing, this is costly. The bearing is anywhere from 20-60$ but the tranny and transfermust be removed and reinstalled to do this.

If you question your tranny, 4 speeds are available on the east coast for <$100 working fine. Look for one in your area. The only way a diesel can kill a 4 speed is if it run empty or full of mud and water. (pinelands)

yes the only bad thing about the sd33 in a scout us that the proper quiet clutch
costs $350. I know no workaround for this.

01-25-2010, 05:36 PM
Post a Video of it w/ sound so these e-mechanics don't have to guess deaf and blind. Take us for a test drive in yer scout. Heck, take us wheeling too for that matter.

Keep after this thing, you'll get it. Good Luck